Cooley Dennis and Denmon Engineering Co., Inc (CD&D), with offices in Monroe, Louisiana and the Jackson, Mississippi Area, was founded in 1993 as a Professional Engineering Company that specializes in Construction Management and Quality Assurance Services in both the government and private sectors.  CD&D provides all levels of service from complete project or program management to the furnishing of inspectors, technicians and the like.  CD&D has considerable experience in mobilizing, planning and implementing a program in a very short time period.  CD&D has the qualifications, experience, expertise, resources and capability to undertake large tasks.

The CD&D Senior Management Team is comprised of professionals with many years of senior, high level management and design experience for both governmental and private projects and programs.

As a company, we have over 20 years of continuous service that includes extensive work in both CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT / QUALITY ASSURANCE INSPECTION SERVICES and EMERGENCY RESPONSE / DEBRIS MANAGEMENT.

CD&D is available to provide experienced professional assistance with any construction project or emergency response operation that you may require.

CD&D Staff

The firm of Cooley, Dennis & Denmon Engineering is comprised of highly experienced and qualified personnel.

Our managerial staff is composed of Professional Senior Engineers with many years of experience is assembling and guiding teams in the successful completion of each project undertaken.

Our workforce consists of a highly trained group of Construction Managers and Quality Assurance Managers.

Representative Projects Types Include:

Navigation Structures

Flood Control Structures

River Operations

Emergency Response Missions