Recognition  by USACE for CDD Services provided

•    Contract No. DACW29-01-D-0001 to provide Construction Quality Assurance Services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Vicksburg District.  CDD received for Task Order 003 an Exceptional final Performance Assessment Report in PPIMS. Assessment of Business Areas included 3 Exceptional  and 1 Very Good

•    Contract No. DACW29-01-D-0001 Task Order 0029.    Received a letter of recognition from the Deputy for Operations in the Task Force Hope – Mississippi   Recovery Field Office for providing Quality Assurance Inspection Services in Mississippi for the Katrina   Recovery.  In addition, CDD received a final PPIMS Performance Assessment Report for Task Order 0029. The assessment of Business Sectors included 3  Exceptional and 2 Very Good

•    Contract No. DACW94-D-0515 Received a letter of Appreciation from the St. Louis  District, USACE for Quality Assurance duties and related services provided to the Greater St. Louis Area office for being extremely flexible and helpful in adjusting to ever changing work load requirements.  Well over twenty construction contracts were included for the rehabilitation and restoration for damages caused by the 1993 Upper Mississippi Flood.

•    Contract No. DACW38-92-D-0000 Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing Services for Lock and Dam No. 5.  Red River Waterway. Received Letters of Appreciation from the Chief of Construction Division and the Resident Engineer for “highly satisfactory” and “superb” performance in helping deliver “a quality project on time and within budget.”