• Pools 4 & 5 Comfort Stations, J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, Coushatta, Louisiana, for the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers



The various comfort stations included boat launches, boat docks, picnic shelters, picnic tables, cooking grills, comfort stations and parking areas.


  • Grand Ecore Project Visitor Center, J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, Grand Ecore, Louisiana, for the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers



Principal features of the construction included clearing and grubbing, excavation, fill, backfill, granular courses, asphaltic concrete access road and parking lot, pavement markings, sanitary sewers, gas distribution system, water supply lines, sewage grinder pumping station, segmental concrete retaining wall, intrusion detection system, concrete block retaining wall, fire detection and alarm system, unit pavers, interior signage, security gate and fencing, drainage system, wastewater treatment plant, pedestrian walkways and timber bridge, gazebo, sidewalks, site furnishings, exterior signage, seeding and exterior planting, irrigation system, split-rail fence, security system, complete visitor center building and appurtenances, visitor center exhibits and associated work


  • WBV-16.2 – Bayou Segnette Complex, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, for the New Orleans District, Corps of Engineers




This project included a pump house for the 400 cfs drainage pumping station that was constructed as part of the Bayou Segnette Complex. >> See full description >>>>

  • Bayou Boeuf Lock Office Building, Assumption Parish, Louisiana, for the New Orleans District, Corps of Engineers


New Office Building for Bayou Boeuf Lock near Morgan City, LA.  Estimated total cost was $737,100.00.  The office building is a one story metal frame building with brick veneer and Standing Seam Metal Roof.  The foot print size is 1,600 SF.  The foundation consists of a 7.5-in thick concrete slab supported by forty 422.5 ft long 12in. sq. precast concrete piling.  Water, sewer, telephone, and electric (including fiber-optic) service were provided to the building from existing utilities.