Locks & Dams

  • Lock and Dam No. 5, J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, Louisiana, for the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers

lock_damns_1CD&D provided quality assurance inspection and material testing services in accordance with the approved QC plan and contract requirements.  The quality assurance inspection was provided for excavation, embankment, backfill, concrete placement, and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment.  Materials testing services were provided for all soils, aggregate and concrete in a CD&D furnished laboratory.  Project construction cost was $110 million.

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  • Olmsted Locks and Dam, Olmsted, Illinois at Ohio River Mile 964.4, for the Louisville District, Corps of Engineers

lock_damns_2The $1.1 billion project included twin 110-foot lock chambers ($300 million) and a 2,200-ft wicket dam flanked by a 425-ft fixed weir ($300 million).  CD&D provided quality assurance inspection and materials testing services for the lock chamber miter gates, Monolith No. 4 concrete and reinforcing, Monolith No. 25 concrete and reinforcing for upstream gates, and Monolith No. 26 concrete and reinforcing for the downstream gate.

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  • Montgomery Point Lock and Dam, Arkansas River Navigation Project for Little Rock District, Corps of Engineers

lock_damns_3CD&D provided quality assurance services which included construction quality assurance inspections of the lock and dam construction and materials testing in accordance with the engineering considerations, contract specifications, Quality Assurance Plan and as directed by the Contracting Officer’s Representative. Construction cost was $245 million.

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