Locks and Dams 1

Lock and Dam No. 5, J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, Louisiana, Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection and Laboratory Testing for the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers

j_bennett_1Contract for providing Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection and Laboratory Testing Services to the Vicksburg District for the entire period of construction of Lock and Dam No. 5 on the J. Bennett Johnston Waterway in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.  Construction cost was approximately $110 million and construction time was approximately 3 years.  The notice to proceed with QA Inspection and Testing was issued in May 1992 and the contract was completed in August 1995.  Lock and Dam No. 5 was subsequently renamed as the Joe D. Waggoner, Jr. Lock and Dam.

j_bennett_2Laboratory Testing Services under this contract consisted of providing experienced personnel to accomplish the sampling, testing, recording, reporting and plotting of results of all laboratory and instrumentation work in accordance with Corps of Engineers standards.  Testing services were provided in a modern and fully equipped on-site laboratory that was provided under the contract requirements by Cooley, Dennis and Denmon (CD&D).  Field testing services were also provided in a contractor furnished field lab at the on-site concrete batch plant.  Laboratory equipment provided included scales, shakers, ovens, curing tanks and other equipment required for testing of soils, concrete, aggregate, etc.  All reporting was on a daily basis.  Data bases for concrete and soil test results were maintained for all project test data.  Two reports were prepared, and submitted to the Vicksburg District at the completion of the project:  1) a Concrete Report that provided a complete history of all project concrete construction, including summaries of all tests, mix designs, additives, suppliers and sources; and 2) a Construction History Report that provided a complete history of the construction methods employed and the problems encountered during construction of Lock and Dam No.5.

j_bennett_3Quality Assurance Inspection Services consisted of providing quality assurance inspection and related services in accordance with orders issued by the contracting officer.  The type quality assurance inspection required consisted of excavation, foundation preparation, embankment, backfill, concrete placement, riprap placement, and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment.