Locks and Dams 2

Olmsted Locks and Dam, Olmsted, Illinois at Ohio River Mile 964.4, Quality Assurance Inspection and Laboratory Testing to the Louisville District, Corps of Engineers


Locks and Dam (Locks and Dams 52 and 53 Replacement Project) on the Ohio River for the Louisville District Corps of Engineers.  The contract was initiated in June 1997 and completed in December 2000.  The QA  services provided included performing quality assurance sampling and testing in accordance with the Engineering Considerations and Instruction for Field Personnel, contract specifications, the Quality Assurance Plan and the “Three Phase Inspection Program”.


The tests performed included but were not limited to Atterberg limits, gradations, in-place densities, moisture contents, proctors, sieve analysis, specific gravitydeterminations, concrete compressive strengths, slumps and air entrainment.  QA Inspection involved performing on-site inspections of on-going construction work to assure compliance with contract requirements.  The work was performed in accordance with Quality Assurance Plans and the “Three Phase Inspection Program”.  Daily shift reports were prepared and forwarded to the Resident Engineer for inclusion in the Daily Quality Assurance reports.  In addition to inspection services for the Olmsted Locks and Dam project, inspection services were also provided for a number of minor stream bank repair projects in Illinois and Indiana. These repairs were generally accomplished with minor grading and riprap placement.