Locks and Dams 3

Montgomery Point Lock and Dam, Arkansas River Navigation Project, Quality Assurance Inspection and Laboratory Testing for the Little Rock District, Corps of Engineers

montgomery_1Cooley Dennis and Denmon (CD&D) provided Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection and Testing services for the Montgomery Point Lock and Dam.  Montgomery Point is a soil founded U-frame lock and a pile founded dam.  Montgomery Point is unique because of its dam gates design.  When stages on the Mississippi River and the White River are equal, the torque tube gates are lowered into a position that allows tows to pass through without locking.  The appurtenant structures include a floating guide wall, mooring dolphins and riprap protected earthen embankment closure dam.   The QA services provided included QA inspection associated with the construction of the lock and dam project, and the required field and laboratory QA materials sampling and testing.  All work was  in accordance with the Engineering Considerations and Instruction for Field Personnel, contract specifications, Quality Assurance Plan and as directed by the Contracting Officer’s Representative.

montgomery_2The QA Inspection services consisted of providing a Supervisory QA Representative and several QA Representatives.  This QA inspection team was responsible for providing QA inspection for a variety of construction activities including earthwork, foundation preparation, reinforcing steel, concrete batching and placement, driving of sheet piling and concrete bearing piles, and riprap placement.  The team also provided quality assurance inspection on all gates and other mechanical and electrical features of the Lock and Dam. The QA inspection work was performed in accordance with the Quality Assurance Plans and the “Three Phase Inspection Program.”  Daily shift reports were prepared and forwarded to the Resident Engineer for inclusion in the Daily QA Reports.    The Supervisory QA Representative consulted daily with the Corps of Engineers Project Engineer on status of the various construction activities and provided recommendations as to the acceptance of the completed work.

Laboratory Testing services provided under this contract consisted of providing experienced personnel to accomplish the sampling, testing, recording and reporting of results of all laboratory tests in accordance with Corps of Engineers standards.  Testing services were provided in a modern and fully equipped on-site laboratory provided under the contract requirements.  Laboratory equipment provided by CD&D included scales, shakers, ovens, curing tanks and other equipment required for testing of soils, concrete, aggregate, etc.  All laboratory test results reporting was on a daily basis.  Field testing services were also provided in a contractor furnished field lab at the on-site concrete batch plant.  Data bases for concrete, aggregate and soil test results were maintained for all project test data.

All QA files were provided to the Corps of Engineers at the conclusion of the contract.

Construction cost: $245 million