Multi-Feature Projects 1

WBV-06.2 – Belle Chasse HWY to Hero Cutoff – Reach 3 & 4 – Phase 2 (Belle Chasse Tunnel), Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, for the New Orleans District, Corps of Engineers

This project consisted of constructing floodgates, levee floodwalls, and tie-ins near Belle Chasse Tunnel, and overhead mounted roller gates within the approaches on each side of the Belle Chasse Tunnel.  This project included constructing floodwalls and floodwall tie-ins to levee sections with scour protection, constructing floodgates on the east and west sides of Algiers Canal in the vicinity of the Belle Chasse Tunnel, and construction of vehicle gates along with the relocation of part of South Tunnel Road on the east side of Algiers Canal.  This work incorporated pile founded reinforced concrete T-wall monoliths.  Overhead mounted roller gates were constructed within the approaches on each side of the Belle Chasse Tunnel, and swing gates were constructed on the east and west sides of the Algiers Canal roadways and railroad tracks.  Gate operation is by winch for the gates to the Belle Chasse Tunnel.  Site work included dewatering systems, construction of temporary retaining structures with work platforms, miscellaneous excavation, and clearing and grubbing.  Coordinating traffic control and construction sequencing to minimize disruptions to tunnel traffic was a significant requirement for the project.  Miscellaneous mechanical and electrical work was also performed.  The project included 48,615 SF of sheet pile, 46,882 LF of H-Pile, 900 LF of concrete T-Wall, five structural steel gates, a railroad crossing and floodgate, and miscellaneous embankment and site work.