Multi-Feature Projects 3

WBV – 90- GIWW-West Closure Complex, Algiers Canal Dredging, for the New Orleans District, Corps of Engineers

(Included excavation by dredging for a gated closure structure located south of the confluence of Harvey and Algiers Canals for the New Orleans District, Corps of Engineers)

Approximately 700,000 CY of excavated material were dredged from the Algiers Canal, of which 500,000 CY of dredged materials were used beneficially for marsh restoration in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.  The Contractor excavated 4.8 miles on the Algiers Canal in Belle Chase LA, using a spud barge equipped with a 2400 Lima crane with 120 ft of boom and a 6 cubic yard bucket.  The material was loaded into an open hopper barge and transported to the disposal area (Geocrib) located on Lake Salvador.  The material was then strategically placed inside of a Geocrib through a 14-in. diameter pipe powered by a D398 Caterpillar generator.  The Geocrib was approximately 16.5 miles from the upper limits of the Algiers Canal excavation.  Once the material reached Lake Salvador it was offloaded with a Komatsu 600 track hoe.  The excavator loaded the material into a hopper attached to a spud barge that fed into a slurry processing unit.  The slurry was then pumped into the limits of the Geocrib.  The restoration project also included approximately 20,000 tons of rip rap and geotextile fabric for a rip rap barrier.