Stone Placement, Revetment Construction and Pile Dike Repairs

  • Mat sinking operations for revetment construction, Mississippi River, for the Vicksburg District, Corps of EngineersMat Sinking1

Provided QA services for the mat sinking operations on the Mississippi River for New Orleans, Vicksburg and Memphis Districts.  Services were provided on a yearly basis for a total of eight years under Contracts No. DACW38-96-D-0004 and DACW38-02-D-0001 for Quality Assurance Inspection Services.


  • East Goose Creek Bank Stabilization, Oxford, Mississippi, for the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers

This work involved channel improvement and bank stabilization of East Goose Creek through downtown Oxford, Mississippi.  Bank stabilization consisted of placement of riprap bank paving on filter fabric and stone bedding.  Channel improvement consisted of channel realignment and enlargement.

Construction Costs:  $2.9 M.

  • J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, Revetment Projects, for the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers

-Pleasant Valley Revetment, J. Bennett Johnston Waterwayriver_bend_1

This item consisted of stone dike and bank paving

Construction cost: $5.5 M.

-Saline Bend, Larto and Lorran Lake Reinforcement, Mile 54 to Mile 34.5, J. Bennett Johnston Waterway

These items consisted of stone placement for reinforcement to existing stone dikes and stone bank revetments.

-Emergency Bank Protection, Hurricane Revetment, Phase II, Mile 326.3 to Mile 375.0, J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, Lafayette County, Arkansas

This work consisted of stone placement for dike construction and revetment construction.

Construction cost: $2.6 M.

  • 2012 Stone Placement – Flood Control, Mississippi River and Tributaries for New Orleans District, Corps of Engineersflood_control_1


This work included subaqueous paving on the Mississippi River from New Orleans to 20 miles south of Belle Chasse, LA, including Algiers Point, Avondale Bend and Alliance.

Contract Value: $26 M



  • Southwest Pass Pile Dike Repairs, Mississippi River, Mile 18.83 BHP to 20.14 BHP for New Orleans District, Corps of EngineersIMG_0438


Contract involved removing and replacing existing piles and wales that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  Timber piles ranged in length from 35 to 80 feet in length.

Contract Value: $34.8 M