Initial Response, Hurricane Katrina, MS

Initial Response Debris Management/Quality Assurance Services in Support of the Vicksburg District’s Hurricane Katrina Response along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers

Debris Removal and Temporary Roofing Missions

After Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Cooley Dennis and Denmon (CD&D) received Task Order No. 29 under CD&Ds existing contract for Construction Quality Assurance within the limits of the Vicksburg District, Contract No. DACW38-02-vicksburg_debris_management_1D-0001.  Task Order No. 29 required a total of 27 QA representatives to provide QA inspection and daily reporting functions in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area in support of the District’s Hurricane Katrina Response.  As directed by Task Order No. 0029, CD&D provided 6 QA’s within 48 hours and the remaining 21 QA’s within five days.  The QA representatives we divided into three teams with two teams totaling 14 QA’s involved in quality assurance for the roofing mission and 13 QA’s involved in the debris mission.

Of the fourteen QA’s involved in the roofing mission, seven worked on the inspection of completed temporary roofs for compliance with contract requirements and specific work orders, and measurement and verification of the quality of roofing installed. Five were tasked with investigation of potential roofing sites for compliance with established criteria, verifying scope/quantity, and other aspects of the roofing mission.  The other two QA’s were involved in acquiring rights of entry.

vicksburg_debris_management_2The 13 QA’s supporting the debris removal mission were involved in all phases of the debris mission including debris loading QA, inspection tower QA and site management.  The teams worked along the Gulf Coast from Jackson County to Hancock County.

Almost half of the QA’s furnished under this task order were from the local area in which they were working.