Large Hydraulic Structures

CD&D’s experience also includes very Large Hydraulic structures such as Olmsted Locks and Dam on the Ohio River (St. Louis District), Montgomery Point Lock and Dam Laboratory Testing and Quality Assurance and Inspection (Little Rock District), Red River Lock and Dam Number 5 (Vicksburg District).

Major Levee Construction experience includes projects such as the Mainline Mississippi River Levee Program (Vicksburg District) to major levee repairs on the Illinois and Mississippi River Levee System following the 1993 Upper Mississippi Flood (St. Louis District).

We have also had considerable amount of experience on levee and channel projects as well as providing QA inspectors to the Vicksburg District Mat Sinking Unit and the contract dredges on the Ouachita, Red and Mississippi Rivers.

CD&D has also provided QA inspection services on a number of smaller type projects such as drainage structures, channel stabalization, recreation sites, buildings, etc.