Management Staff

The firm of Cooley, Dennis & Denmon Engineering is comprised of highly experienced and qualified personnel. Our managerial staff is composed of Professional Senior Engineers with many years of experience is assembling and guiding teams in the successful completion of each project undertaken. Our company is backed by a complete staff of Construction Managers and Quality Assurance Representatives.

The Project Managers for CD&D are:

Larry CooleyLarry A. Cooley, P. E., President

Phone: 601-906-9549

Mr. Cooley has been actively engaged in the field of engineering for more than 45 years.  He began his career with the USACE Vicksburg District in 1965.  After 19 years with the USACE, Mr. Cooley entered private engineering practice, and has served as President of Cooley Dennis and Denmon Engineering, Inc. (CD&D) since the firm was established in 1993.  As President of CD&D, Mr. Cooley has served as Principle-in-charge of large multi-million $ contracts for construction management and quality assurance services with five different U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts. >> See full bio >>>>

Robert FlemingRobert L. Fleming, Jr., P.E., Engineering, Manager

Phone: 601-529-6946

Mr. Fleming’s experience includes 35 years of service with the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers. During his career, he has been actively involved in the design, construction and evaluation of all types of U. S. Army Corps of Engineers projects.  While working with the USACE, his assignments included Chief of Geotechnical Branch for 10 years, Chief of Design Branch for 5 years and Chief of Engineering Division for 4 years.  He has served as Engineering Manager of CD&D since joining the firm in 2002, and has also served as Contract Manager for a $21-M contract with the New Orleans District for Debris Removal and an ID/IQ contract with the Vicksburg District for Quality Assurance Services. >> See full bio >>>>

Jerry McDonaldGerald R. McDonald, P. E., Operations Manager

Phone: 601-870-8877

Mr. McDonald has over 45 years of experience in Construction Management including 38 years with the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers.  During his career with the USACE, his assignments included Office Engineer for 3 years in the DeGray Dam Residence Office, and Assistant Area Engineer for 7 years and Area Engineer for 24 years in the Vidalia, Louisiana, Area Office.  Since joining CD&D in 2005, he has served as site manager for a $21-M contract with the New Orleans District for debris removal in Sector 2A of New Orleans. Mr. McDonald currently serves as Operations Manager for CD&D as a member of the ECM-CD&D JV Team to provide construction management and quality assurance services. >> See full bio >>>>

Tom Luckett

Thomas L. Luckett, P. E., Deputy Operations Manager

Phone: 601-853-2729

Mr. Luckett has 48 years of experience in engineering design and construction management including 30 years with the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers.  His assignments during his career with the USACE included Chief of the Civil Design Section in the Design Branch, Chief of the Quality Assurance Branch in the Construction Division and Assistant Chief of the Construction Division.  Since joining CD&D in 1994, he has served as manager of contracts with USACE Louisville, Vicksburg and St. Louis Districts.  He currently serves as Senior Advisor and assists with contract management and staffing.>> See full bio >>>>

Terry DenmonTerry D. Denmon, P. E. & P. L. S., Vice-President and Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 318-388-1422

Mr. Denmon has practiced engineering for over 43 years.  He began his engineering career in the federal service with the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation and later was employed with the Vicksburg District, Corps of Engineers.  After 5 years in federal service, Mr. Denmon entered private engineering practice, and has served as Vice-President of CD&D since the firm was founded in 1993.  As Vice-President, he has served as Chief Administrative Officer for seven multi-million $ contracts with five USACE U. S. Army Engineer Districts. >> See full bio >>>>

Terry DenmonJesse M.Ross, Debris Management Coordinator

Phone: 601-415-5978

Mr. Ross has over 33 years of government service, with over 25 years of government contracting experience.  He is experienced in Design Build and Cost Reimbursable Contracts for construction services, and is a Level III Certified Acquisition Professional.  Mr. Ross has served as the on-site Contracting Officer numerous disaster recovery projects.  In addition to performing on-site Contracting Officer duties, Mr. Ross maintained all records related to debris management, including haul records, land fill tonnage, HTW records and white goods.  He also served as on-site Contracting Officer in Kuwiat during Operation Desert Storm and in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. >> See full bio >>>>